Sales and Use Tax Return DR-15EZ R. 01/19 Rule 12A-1. 097 F.A. C. Effective 01/19 Page 1 of 2 You may file and pay tax online or you may complete this return and pay tax by check or money order and mail to Florida Department of Revenue 5050 W Tennessee Street Tallahassee FL 32399-0120 Please read the Instructions for DR-15EZ Sales and Use Tax Returns Form DR-15EZN incorporated by reference in Rule 12A-1. More information on filing and paying electronically including a Florida e-Services...
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Okay in this video we're going to show you how easy it is to get your sales tax information this is typically run quarterly so every three months and then really this is something you don't have to rely on a CPA bookkeeper to do with our software because we produce all the numbers for you so on the first season you're going to do when you get the system is you want to make sure that you have the right sales tax setup so we're just going to sales tax here I have six point eight seven percent which is what it is in this particular district the next thing you want to do is we're going to go through and we're just going to go and run a report so to do that we just want to go into point-of-sale we just want to go down here to click point of sales tax report and so we'll go ahead and run this for say a quarter of a time so we're going to go back to say July 1st and go to you know July's that July August September so September thirtieth would be the end date boom and then we just merely click on calculate taxes so this number right here this twelve thousand nine hundred fifty eight dollars represents the total taxable retail sales right there and the total sales tax you collected is eight ninety point oh seven so really a lot of states now just have you know website did you go to and you log in you get a password and it pulls up your reseller payment number and you pretty much just plug these numbers right in you know the total taxable sales and the sales tax that you you are charged and then you're done and so this is how our system saves you from that laborious task and try to keep track of all that sales tax and also that to unnecessarily pay you know to have an accountant do it for you when the numbers are right here